A Sneak Preview of Halloween 2012

Sutton has already picked out all our costumes.  Her choices…

Herself... as Sam the Eagle

Me... as Fozzy Bear

Other Daddy... as Janice

... and Bennett... as Miss Poogy

12 comments on “A Sneak Preview of Halloween 2012

    • For some reason, she’s really into eagles. She wanted to be one last Halloween, then changed her mind as the day grew closer. I don’t know if this eagle idea will stick around until October 31st. We’ll see! :)

  1. Hahaha :D I’m lying here,trying to sleep (it’s about 04.50 in the morning (night?) here), and I checked my mail and saw this! It’s great! Totally look-alikes too;) So,now you just have to wait and see if she changes her mind a few times until we reach Halloween :) ( And now,back to sleep!)

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