I always kinda thought this blogging stuff was for people with too much time on their hands. Well, I’ve finally accepted that I, Jerry, have too much time on my hands.

Welcome to my blog.

This is where I’ll write all my deep personal secrets, or maybe I’ll just complain about a bunch of junk that happened to me or what’s going on in the world these days, as if anybody cares. You don’t like it? Get your own damn blog! Sheesh, I just started this thing, lay off!

I’m at work right now. The mail woman just picked up the afternoon mail from the outbox on my desk. People are talking down the hall. I have no work to complete at the moment. Man, this is gonna be one boring blog.

Okay, let’s talk American Idol. How good was it last night? I thought it’d start to suck right after the early rounds when all the funny bad people were on. But there’s so much drama watching kids who are good, but just not always good enough. I’m happy for Clay, who’s obviously a shoo-in for a wildcard slot. Ditto Trenyce, who I thought should’ve been picked the first time she performed. I hope Kimberly makes it, too. The judges have been hard on her, but she’s a good singer. The judges have been really hard on everyone, I think. Nobody last night was terrible, but from the way the judges tore a couple of them up, you’d think they were. As for the fourth wildcard spot, I don’t know who it’ll be and really don’t care too much. I have enough people to root for. This year’s group is gonna be a lot better than last year’s. I can’t wait!

Yes, I care about these kinds of things. If you don’t like it, I’ll refer you to paragraph 3.

“Man, it’s only his first entry, and already this guy’s so defensive.” — You

“Shut up, you!” — Me

OK, I’ll stop projecting what I think you’re thinking right now. Let’s put our differences aside and be friends, ‘kay? You’re cool.

I still don’t even know if I’m doing this right, so I’m gonna post what I’ve got to see if it works.

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