My blog, Day 2.

Does anybody read this thing????

No, of course not. I haven’t told anyone about it yet. I want to make sure I don’t abandon it after a few days, as I probably will, and then hear everybody say, “You never follow through with anything, Jerry.” Nah, my friends wouldn’t say that. They’re okay. They’d just think this blog was lame. And they’re right. I don’t know how to do a fucking blog.

Here’s the update on my tennis league, as I promised yesterday: I won! Hooray! I didn’t play very well, though. The guy I played wasn’t very good (I’m just sayin’…), and I only won 6-3. I play much better when I play people better than I am. When I play people worse, I feel bad beating them, so I don’t play my best. I know that sounds stupid, but it’s true. I’m a strange one, I sure am. How come good people never feel bad beating me when they play me? They usually kick my ass.

I’m happy with the American Idol results last night. Clay, Kimberly and Trenyce all advanced, as I’d hoped and predicted. Carmen was a shocker, and honestly, I don’t think the girl will last very long (but being the only one singing country might help her for a few rounds).

Drew came over, and I made him watch AI with me, even though he doesn’t like the show. Oh, what a mean, mean jerk I am to make him watch a show he doesn’t want to watch when he just needed me to cheer him up after a bad day at work. Boo-hoo. Look, don’t feel bad for Drew! He made me watch Alias. Stinker. Besides, the boy knows Paula Abdul, so he SHOULD be watching. Drew has meetings with Paula and has to fake his way through them. “Oh, Paula, I LOVED the show last night! That thing that you said to that guy… you were right on! And way to tell Simon off! I totally agreed with you about the comment he made about that girl!”

Can you believe that? Man, if I had a meeting with Paula, I would have SO MUCH to say to her. I’d probably barrage her with questions for three hours straight on MC Skat Kat alone. Drew stinks, he really does. All that access to Paula and nothing to say. Stinker.

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