Apparently, my boss doesn’t understand faxes.

You know how when a fax machine calls your phone number by mistake, it’s the worst kind of hell, because it’s just going to keep redialing every two minutes for an hour? Well, in case you didn’t know, the solution (if you’re at work, at least) is to transfer the call to your company’s fax machine. Then the fax will print out and you won’t get any more annoying beep calls. Months ago when my boss was having this problem, I told him to try this trick, and he was very grateful.

So, today, he’s out of the office, and a little while ago, he called in to check his voice mail. One of his messages was an annoying fax beep call.

So he forwards me THE MESSAGE and asks, “Jerry, can you forward this to our fax machine?”

As if forwarding the voicemail with the beep tone would make the fax print out.

This is not a smart man.

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