Drew has taken issue with my “DRUNK AGAIN” post. Here’s an IM chat we just had:


drew: #1. I did not make you drink.

drew: #2. I am not a big boozer.

Jerry: [Eye-rolling emoticon]

drew: #3. I PURCHASED that beverage cup —

drew: it was not a FREEBIE

Jerry: What beverage cup?

drew: so don’t let your readers think i chintzed out on you

Jerry: You mean the drink cup?

Jerry: You bought that?

drew: Yeah — the one that would never hold all your puke!

drew: Of course I bought it!

drew: They keep their inventory the same way!

Jerry: They wouldn’t just give it to you?

drew: I paid $3.25 for it.

drew: NO!

Jerry: You ARE nice!

drew: They only give out those teeny Dixie Cup cups

drew: for free

Jerry: I’ll issue a correction

drew: Do it fast, buster.

drew: I will not be maligned in your blog.

drew: (Of course, now THIS will end up in your blog, but whatever. I have a repuation to uphold.)

drew: DRUNK!

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