Drew and I have decided to make this an official “No Plans Weekend”.

See, we have too much to do. During the week, we’re both working full-time. Drew tends to work late, and he’ll often have to meet someone for dinner or drinks at night. I have a lot of plans during the week, too, and when I don’t, I try to get some writing done. So weekends should be when we both relax a little… right?

Well, lately that hasn’t been the case. Parties, dinners, summer movies — there’s always all kinds of junk to do. Hey, I know it beats having NO social life — I’ve been there, too — but it’d be nice if once in a while our days off were actually, you know, days off. By Wednesday or so, our weekends tend to be all booked up and seem just as overscheduled as any typical work day.

So no more! When we saw last weekend that our calendars for this Saturday and Sunday were still wide open, we decided to keep it that way.

It’s not easy. We keep thinking of how we’re going to spend the free time, from finally playing those Game Cube games I’ve barely touched to watching some DVD’s — all the things we always want to do but never have time for. But every time we start to get keen on something, it feels like we’re making plans again, so we have to back off. Suddenly, everything’s a plan.

Then, Drew’s friend Jessica invited him to a barbecue on Sunday. We knew these kinds of things would come up, but we were still unprepared. Most people just wouldn’t understand No Plans Weekend. It’s not like you can say, “Sorry, I can’t come to your event. I have NO PLANS.”

I don’t know what we’re going to do about the BBQ. I have to admit, we might end up going. It would be a real blow to the integrity of No Plans Weekend, but I still think it’s a good idea.

And we’re definitely planning to try this again sometime.

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