Things I like lately:


Yeah, who doesn’t? Suddenly, this show is everywhere! Soon, everyone’s going to want a hip gay friend. I just hope the rest of us can live up to the Fab 5. (Personally, I think I could use their services as much as some of the straight guys on the show.) I’m worried that Queer Eye won’t be able to sustain over the long run. This week’s show was pretty much the same as last week’s show, and I don’t know how they’re going to keep it fresh. But Carson’s sure to be a breakout star, and I predict these guys will be on the cover of Entertainment Weekly (a Gay Hollywood issue, maybe?) by the end of the summer.

(Also: Last Comic Standing, Project Greenlight, Da Ali G Show and, of course, Amazing Race 4.)


Yeah, I made fun of his name change (see WACKO) a few months ago, but he’s still talented. It took me a few listens to get into this, but it’s easily the best thing he’s done in years. He’s still got a great voice, and he makes soulful rock without all the schmaltz and bare-chested skuzziness (I’m lookin’ at you, R. Kelly!) that’s ruining R&B.

(Also: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, The Streets, The Libertines, The Caesars, The Long Winters)


I know these are probably no more nutritious than a Big Mac, but they’re cheap and they’re salads, and the ones I’ve had have been pretty good. It seems like every other year, the fast food places try salads again – all at the same time, and they quickly learn that people don’t go to McDonald’s for health food. But I hope this time “a limited time only” lasts at least until I tire of this trend, which should be in about two months. For now, my fave is Jack in the Box‘s Asian Chicken Salad.

(Also: Toast on 3rd and Harper)


It was started by two British kids (ages 14 and 15) who posted their own book reviews for other kids to see. Now a whole army of kids submits their own reviews. They’re brief, informative, surprisingly tough (take that, George Orwell!) and very British. Categories include “Time Travel”, “Living Without Grownups” and “Lots of Animal Content”. If you’re a kid, they’ll tell you what to read. If you’re an adult, it’s fun to read the reviews aloud in the British accented falsetto of a young boy. This one gets full marks!

(Also: Gawker, Fark photoshop contests)

Man, I only came up with four lousy categories. Lame.

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