I’m in a postin’ mood, but I don’t know what to post! So I’m just going to do one of those random, rambling posts lots of other bloggers do. Let’s see how this works out.

As I logged into my account, I happened to click on one of those “Recently Published Blogs” on the Blogger start page, and now it’s my new favorite blog. Even though it’s brand new and has only two posts and I’m about 10,000% sure the author will get bored with it within a week or two and abandon it forever, I hope I’m wrong because it brought a big happy smile to my face. 😀 Tiffany, the day you stop blogging will be a poopy day — the poopiest day since the day Grampie got cancer! 😦 *tears*

Last night, my friends David and Rob came over to watch The Amazing Race, which Drew unfortunately had to miss beacause his friend had a miscarriage and he went over to console her. (I would’ve gone, too, but it was too late to cancel my plans.) So No Plans Weekend is officially shot, as, in addition to the Ben Lee concert, we now plan to spend a lot of time with Drew’s friend and her family. It would’ve been nice, but some things are more important. I guess life is what happens when you’re busy making no plans. (I just paraphrased someone famous. I’m not sure who.)

Anyway, back to last night… Rob had just broken up with his on-again, off-again boyfriend, so I was in consoling mode, too. When Drew got home, he probably thought he was done consoling, but instead the three of us talked some more. It seemed to cheer Rob up a little. (Ah, patting myself on the back always feels nice…) Given that Rob and his boyfriend seem like they both still have feelings for each other, and that they’re both in my tennis league and will thus see each other every week, I predict they’ll be back together within a month. (Mental note: if Rob ever finds out about this blog, delete this post.)

My boss just went with a couple of the other attorneys to a certain famous Los Angeles hot dog stand — eh, screw it. I’m sick of talking about that guy. The point of the story was: he’s a loser.

Drew bought me Wario World, and I can’t wait to play it. Is this weird? How come everyone else is playing Resident Evil and Grand Theft Auto and that junk, and the only video games I’m interested in were made for 12-year-olds? Maybe I’m just. That. Cool.

Aren’t telemarketers supposed to shut up when you tell them you’re not interested and you ask to be taken off their calling list? Well, that one last night sure didn’t! Go to hell, you! Click!

Here’s something Drew would probably kill me for mentioning, but it’s just too goofy to let it go. He gets out of his therapy on Friday mornings (no that’s not the part he’d kill me for) around the same time I’m driving to work, and the last two weeks he’s called me on my celph when therapy ended. So we’re talking and driving, and we both mention where we are in traffic and then we manage to coordinate it so he drives right past me and we wave to each other while we’re talking. (“Look! There you are! I see you!” — like we didn’t just see each other an hour and a half ago.) It’s hilarious… and incredibly cornball. That deserves to be a scene in a bad romantic comedy. Only in the movie, they’ll crash.

Do you like how I make up words? Like “celph” in the last paragraph. (Maybe I’ve already gone over this… forgive me.) I’m obsessed with introducing a term or catch phrase into the popular slang. Celph is only one of my many feeble attempts. As you may have figured out, it’s a contraction of the words “cell phone”, and what’s cool about it isn’t that it saves you any time — you could just as easily say “cell” as most people do — but that it lends itself to lots of clever puns. To wit: “Hey, get off the phone! You’re so celph-involved!” “I hate my crappy Sony Ericsson piece of crap. I’m celph-depricating!” “My phone is perfectly adequate. It’s celph-sufficient.” Try it at home, kids!

I have lots of others, too, from “Make sense!” (translation: “You’re crazy!”) to “Start over!” (translation: “I’m so excited by that news, I want to hear it again!”) to “Koo koo k’you!” (translation: “You’re really crazy!”)

Well, that’s as good a place as any to end this rambling post. Thanks for reading it all the way to the end. And if you really liked it…

Start over!

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