You’ll notice the title of this entry is in quotes. That’s because I’m not really sick. But don’t tell my boss, because I’m going to be calling in sick on Friday. I hate lying — and I happen to be the world’s worst liar. But Drew’s getting his wisdom teeth out on Friday, so I’m taking the day off to drag his drugged-up ass home when he’s done and take care of him all day.

Maybe if my company wasn’t so asshole-ish about people taking days off, I could just tell them the truth and let them prepare for my absence a couple of days in advance by hiring a temp. But I don’t feel like begging for time off, so it looks like I’m going to have to wake up Friday morning, hold a dishrag over the phone to make myself sound groggy and then make with the lies.

If I’m feeling really bold, I may lay the groundwork for my “sick” day Thursday afternoon and complain that “I might be coming down with something”. (Cough, cough.)

Let this be a lesson to you: don’t be asshole-ish. It’s harder to get temps at the last minute.

Other random stuff:

Looks like Loretta Sanchez may be taking my advice. I can’t take all the credit, though I did email her yesterday through her official website to recommend a run. (By the way, I have no idea why that post is showing up three times on this page — I’m not that big a Sanchez supporter.)

Hooray for Janice! She got a job! It honestly couldn’t have happened to a more debt-ridden person. If you’re a seventh-grade language arts student in the Austin area, take Ms. Bech’s class!

I overheard my boss talking to one of the other attorneys here about the gay Episcopal bishop. He was surprisingly liberal-minded on the matter and expressed his support of the guy’s confirmation. Then he quickly changed the subject to Kobe Bryant.

By the way, my boss is OBSESSED with the Kobe Bryant case and with taking potshots at his accuser’s credibility. He’s been telling anyone who’ll listen about her alleged suicide attempt and how she allegedly went to a party after the alleged rape and bragged to allegedly everyone that she knocked boots with an NBA star. Then he says, “You wanna see what she looks like?” and directs them to a website someone forwarded him with the girl’s pictures on it. Ha! Take that, rape shield laws!

And Mark, I hope if you ever get raped by an NBA star, the world shows a little more respsect for your privacy.

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