I never lose a bet.

When Other Drew said he had a blog, I wanted to read it. When he said it was a Hidden Mystery Blog of Secrets Jerry Shall Never Know, I had to read it. When he said I would never find it, I had to bring him down.

And I did.

We decided to bet on it. Drew (not to be confused with Other Drew) and I would have five business days to find Other Drew’s invisiblog. The loser would cough up two Magic Mountain tickets.

And then I made this stipulation: if after the allotted period of time, Drew and I were unable to find the Sacred Blog of Wonders, this would-be Dead Sea Blog, then Other Drew would have to tell us its location, in order to prove that it did, in fact, exist, and that he wasn’t playing us for a couple of chumps who were dishing out free rides on Southern California’s most extreme roller coasters.

Knowing that any finger-typing goo-head can stumble across my silly blog with a simple Google search (which, in fact, has made Why Jerry Why the World Wide Web’s primary resource for depantsing and Angelyne for Governor information), Drew and I went to work Yahooing and Altavista-ing and Dogpiling every permutation of the words “Drew”, “blog”, “Other Drew”, “Tom Lenk” and “I’m worried about my script” but came up, sadly, emptyhanded.

Somehow Other Drew’s blog remained a mystery to the search engines, as well as to Drew and myself. So when time ran out, we gave in. And we got the following:


Oh, I’m sorry, Other Drew, did you not want me to print your URL on my site? How inconsiderate of me.

Have I exposed your private journal for all the world to see? I’m terribly sorry.

Will the legions of Angelyne fans and depantsing aficionados who read Why Jerry Why now find their way to your blog, where they can read all your most personal thoughts, as well as your completely unauthorized reprinting of our email exchanges about the Drewzie blog, which is located at www.drewzie.blogspot.com? Did I just reveal the URL again? Oops. I really should stop telling people to visit your website at www.drewzie.blogspot.com.

And I should definitely remove that link I added to my Blogroll.

Cost of two Magic Mountain tickets (with Magic Mountain’s buy-one-get-one-free tie-in offer with Coke): about $40

Drewzie: Priceless

I repeat:


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