This is one of those freaky things that happens sometimes.

I was surfing the web and read about this book called “Geography Club” by Brent Hartinger on some guy’s blog. It sounded like a cute young adult book about gay teenagers. (The premise is that they decide to start a gay club at school, but in order not to be stigmatized, they call it the “Geography Club”, figuring it’ll sound so boring that no one else will want to join anyway.) So I went to, looked it up and then added it to my wish list.

Now, I can count on no hands the number of times Drew and I have discussed gay young adult literature (though if “gay young adult literature” becomes the new search phrase that leads people to this site, as opposed to “[you-know-what-sleazy billboard queen] for [you-know-which statewide office]”, I would be pretty happy — So let me say it again: Gay young adult literature! Gay young adult literature! Literature young adult gay!). But when I noticed in the Amazon sample pages that the author of one of Drew’s favorite books (“The Year of Ice” by Brian Malloy) was quoted on the book jacket, I decided to IM Drew and see if he’d heard of the book.

… and he wrote back that he’d just ordered it half an hour ago. (Cue Twilight Zone music.) He read about it on Brian Malloy’s website, which he hadn’t visited in months. If we were two teenage girls, we would’ve shouted “Like, omigod!” about a million times in a row. Okay, so we kinda did that anyway. It was weird.

As long as this is a Big Gay Post, here’s a good article by the African-American guy who got cut from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. He’s surprisingly not bitter, and pretty cool about the whole thing. But he does dish some good behind-the-scenes scoop, if you’re interested.

Hmmm… maybe it’s posts like this that have turned the automatic banner advertising on my site into the gayest place on the web. Has anyone noticed that those ads at the top of the page are suddenly all about gay radio stations and gay blog listings and inns in Vermont that perform Civil Unions? No, I don’t choose those ads at the top of the page — blogspot just assigns them.

Maybe they’re trying to tell me something…

One comment on “BOOK

  1. I read The Geography Club…I remember feeling slightly disappointed by it. Can’t remember why, I’m going to have to read it again now.

    Sorry for commenting on something you wrote years ago!

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