Okay, I have to learn how to do those polls that people like BittyBoo do on their blogs, because I’ve got a question for y’all.

Should I have one of those Krispy Kremes that somebody left in the office kitchen?

  • Yes! Krispy Kremes are Tastee Treetz!

  • Yes! And hurry before everyone takes them all! They’re vultures here, I tell ya, vultures!

  • No! You already counseled Drew not to have a Hershey’s kiss this morning, you dang hypocrite!

  • No! You don’t know who left them there or why. They could be old and stale, or maybe they got dropped on the floor, or that guy who pees on the toilet seats put his grubby mitts all over them while trying to pick one out. Are you still an obsessive-compulsive or what?

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