I would like to apologize to Ryan Shoulders of the Survivor: Pearl Islands cast.

In a post last week, I pointed out that in his online profile, he responded to the question on “Favorite alcohol” with “Drinking is for the boring”, which I used to imply that he was “wuss[y]” and “weird”.

Turns out I misread him. According to the Smoking Gun, Ryan S. is bored by alcohol because he’s apparently into more adventurous substances.

And if he’s looking for someone to party with, he may just have found her on the opposing tribe.

Now, I’m not one to judge, but here’s my advice to you kids out there. Sure, you can use your freedom of speech to say whatever the hell you want on usenet newsgroups, but it’s best not to broadcast your intent to commit illegal activities (especially using your real name, Chrsita and Ryan… tsk, tsk…) if a) you actually plan on committing those illegal activities (you don’t want to give those pesky authorities any of this) or b) you plan on appearing on any reality shows.

I predict a lot of Pink Floyd will be blaring from Loser Lodge this season.

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