Allow me to put on my concerned citizen hat for a moment.

If you live in Los Angeles County, the bad news is that touchscreen (i.e., computer) voting will NOT be ready in time for the October 7 circus/recall election. Okay, I can forgive that; it’s not like anyone expected to have an election in October. That means when you arrive at your polling place, you’ll still be handed an old school punch card, which, you know, won’t be confusing or anything with 135 candidates. At least now everyone knows to double-check their chads… don’t we????

The good news, if you’re willing to vote a bit early, is that touchscreen voting will be available from September 24 through October 3 at 12 locations throughout the county. All registered voters are eligible to take advantage of this option. You can find a location by clicking here:

It’s your chance to register another small vote of protest against the Florida 2000 fiasco by refusing to use a system fraught with problems — and to be on the front lines as California slowly updates from 1940’s voting technology to 1980’s technology!

Good. Now everything’s better.

Because no one ever has problems getting computers to work properly.

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