Fresh Links on the Blogger home page can be a good place to check out random blogs. But sometimes, you find extremely disturbing things there.

People, please. If you’re going to be suicidal on your blog, at least be comment-ready or give us some kind of email link so we can try to contact you. I hope somebody gives that girl a hug VERY soon.

Okay, after that, you could probably use a good laugh.

Just in case you don’t get the joke, here’s what’s funny about that.

Again (from a slightly less reputable source).

Okay, I’d better not say too much about this, lest I get a certain boyfriend of mine in trouble. But I’ve seen the footage, and while she’s no angel, she’s definitely getting a raw deal. And there was no scratching whatsoever.

Sad item, funny item, sad item…

Yes, today this blog is a real roller coaster ride. (How scary is that? Note the sparks under the engine’s tires.)

In anticipation of the REM concert at the Hollywood Bowl on Wednesday, I’ve been playing their old CD’s to prep myself. I’ve mostly been trying to listen to the stuff I don’t know as well, especially their crummier albums. Why does it feel like I’m cramming for a test? I’m sure I’ll still enjoy the show even if I don’t know all the words to “Chorus and the Ring“. (When looking for that link, I also found this bonehead, who had the lyrics wrong. Maybe he shouldn’t copy from Leo, who’s obviously not the smartest kid in the class. It’s one thing to transcribe the lyrics wrong when you’re trying to decipher Michael Stipe’s mumbly, slurry voice, but quite another when the band gives them to you. Hey, guys, next time, check the liner notes.)

Wait a second. Did that Mother Jones timeline say Bush went on a date with Tricia Nixon?!?

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