Here’s a fun game. I give you a phrase, and you try to guess where it came from: my boss, or the subject line of a spam email I got today. (Well, I think it’s a fun game. If you don’t like it, try this instead.)

Here we go…

1. “Oh my, just because I’m Latin, the guys all want a taste of me.”

2. “Where’s my cappuccino?”

3. “Want to make an extra $1000 next week?”

4. “I consider us a team.”

5. “I really like working with you.”

6. “This is how Tara Reid looks without clothes.”

7. “I really miss you.”

8. “Can you guess which guy in this pic is straight?”

9. “Those guys at the airline are such fucking assholes.”

10. “I lost 42 pounds and 8 inches.”

11. “Didn’t I ask for a cappuccino?”

12. “Need Xanacs without a presciption? I know a doctor who can get it for you!!!”


1. Spam – It was actually “Silly Tabitha” who said this. Silly you! (And for the record, my boss is not Latin. I believe his heritage is somewhere in Eastern Europe.)

2. My boss. He asked for a cappuccino, but didn’t give me any cash. And before I could ask him for some, he picked up a phone call and started yammering. I’ve been stiffed too many times this way. So I finally adopted a strict policy: No cash, no coffee.

3. Spam – And believe me, the spam would be far more likely to pay off on this offer than my boss ever would.

4. My boss. Right before he yelled at me for something I screwed up.

5. My boss. Right before he told me he considered us a team.

6. Spam. Though I’ll bet my boss has thought about it.

7. Spam. I believe this one was for carrot ink.

8. Spam. Okay, to be honest, this was actually some spam that Drew got today. I ran out of good subject lines of my own. I had lots of fun picturing the context in which my boss might’ve asked me this question.

9. My boss. He only bought one upgrade, but they charged him for four.

10. Spam. If my boss lost that much, he’d be 59 pounds and 4 foot 2. But according to his driver’s license, he’s 5’8″ and 160 pounds. Trust me. My estimate is closer.

11. My boss. Thirty minutes with no cappuccino makes him a little testy. But he was quick to fork over the money at that point.

12. Spam. It’s not that I expected anyone to be fooled by this, but it just made me wonder: why would I buy medication from someone who can’t even spell the medication’s name correctly? Sure, no unlicensed Mexican doctor has ever done me wrong PERSONALLY, but still…

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