Darrell Issa’s back, and he’s saying stupid things again.

Now he thinks voters should reject the recall — you know, the one he started and paid $1.6 Million of his own money to fund.

See, with two viable Republicans running against one viable Democrat, Issa finally did the math and realized that his $1.6 Million investment is about to buy him a more well-liked, more liberal version of Gray Davis.


Of course, if this were really about punishing Davis for his ineptitude, the top priority would be ensuring that Davis was removed from office. Thank you, Darrell, for revealing that was never your top priority.

What Issa really wants at this stage is to pressure Tom McClintock into backing out of the race in order to ensure a Republican victory. All of a sudden, the absurd guidelines for this stupid recall, which allowed Issa to push it through in the first place, are working against his goal of installing a Republican in Sacramento.

Best case scenario at this point: Davis is recalled, Bustamante wins and then EVERYONE agrees California’s recall laws need to be drastically revamped to ensure something like this doesn’t happen again.

Otherwise, what’s to stop Issa from trying to recall Bustamante for his “ineptitude” six months from now?

A sense of common decency and restraint, you say?


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