I’m wondering if the notion that women all across the country are swooning over Bob Guiney of “The Bachelor” is just ABC-created hype. I mean, I applaud the casting of anyone other than the typical buff personality-free himbos who usually represent my gender on dating shows. And I understand that lots of women fell in love with Bob on “The Bachelorette” last season because he was shlubby and humble and sweet. But now he’s lost weight, he’s a big TV star and in the new series, he no longer comes across as ANY of the things that set him apart from the pack. He’s turned right into another boring hunk.

Plus, let’s be honest: he was never that funny. I’ll agree that his self-deprecation was much appreciated among the overly serious stud boys who were competing against him for Trista’s love, but self-deprecation does not equal a sense of humor. And now that he’s toned, shaved and full of himself, all he’s got is a dopey grin and an apparent need to make out with every woman who comes his way. (Uh… yuck.)

Okay, so maybe my real problem with him isn’t that he erased everything women liked about him and yet is still popular with women, it’s that he has the nerve to release an album.

But considering that it comes out tomorrow and is, as of right now, ranked #702 on Amazon (By contrast, Clay Aiken, whose album doesn’t come out for another week, is ranked #7), maybe I’m not the only one who’s gotten over Bob the Bachelor.

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