“Hmmm… wasn’t he that guy who got removed from office?” — California recalling Gray Davis

Everyone knows by now who won the election, but what about the guy who came in last? According to the Secretary of State’s official count, that would be Todd Richard Lewis, an Independent who received a grand total of 172 votes.

Who is Todd Richard Lewis? Well, according to a quote he provided the LA Times, he’s an unmarried film producer, performer and businessman from West Hollywood who appeared as the “Bum Hunter” in the infamous “Bumfights” video and recently released his own video called “Bum Hunter”. He even has a web site.

His quote in the LA Times: “People are going to know the Bum Hunter is doing this, and hopefully it will get the young demographic to go out there, support me, register to vote, and be involved in future elections. And it will draw attention to the homeless people; no one realizes how many people are out there.” Well, apparently, less than 172.

He also wrote up a statement on fiscal spending which reads, in its garbled entirety: “Like the people I work with everyday(the homeless), our yearly salaries are no more than $3000.00 a year. Mostly made from panhandling. That is the kind of fiscal spending we need oin office”

Now we have the answer to what happens when you run a joke campaign for a very serious office. You either come in dead last, or you win.

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