In my ongoing feeble attempts to introduce some new slang into the vernacular (i.e., “celph” = cell phone, “Mr. T” = toilet), here’s the latest: A&E. It’s more than just a cable network I don’t watch. It’s an attitude I can’t stand. “Arrogance and entitlement.” Of the people I hate, it’s the #1 thing I usually hate about them.

Examples of A&E:

  • Parking your Porsche sideways across two parking spaces.
  • Refusing to move over to let someone pass by on a sidewalk, forcing them to walk on the grass.
  • Blocking a lane of traffic outside a parking garage while you finish your cell phone call.
  • One person saving eight seats in a movie theater.
  • That guy’s seven friends.
  • Invading a country without the consent of the rest of the world, and then asking the rest of the world to help foot the bill.

No, wait. That last one is just absurd.

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