If you’ve been putting off buying your copy of Bachelor Bob Guiney’s CD “3 Sides”, which I mocked last week, looks like you’re out of luck. Bob has apparently pulled it from the market in hopes of making it suck less. The album won’t be out until February 2004 at the earliest. Good idea, Bob. You don’t want to capitalize on the publicity of the TV show. Wait until long after it’s off the air to push your singing career, because then, people can really concentrate on, you know, the music.

Over 1,000 people have cancelled their LA Times subscriptions because of their last-minute article on Schwarzenegger’s busy hands. The public has spoken once again. Sleazy journalists: boo! Sleazy politicians: hooray!

DISPOSABLE INCOME DIGEST, Issue 1: I guess I have to buy Clay’s album when it comes out tomorrow. I mean, I’m as creeped out by him as the next guy (man, I hope he’s straight — people hate gays enough already), but he has a great voice, and Simon’s right. If you close your eyes and you don’t have to see those winks and hip thrusts, “This is the Night” sounds totally dreamy. American Idol solo albums are 1 for 2 so far. Kelly’s was pretty good. Justin’s was really bad.

Also, Travis’ new album comes out tomorrow. It’s called “12 Memories“, which is pretty much how many bad memories I have of their last album, but “Why Does it Always Rain on Me” is such a good song that I’m willing to give these guys one more shot. It has a song on it called “Peace the F**k Out”, which, since they’re British, is probably aimed at George W. I think UK bands are required to have a token anti-Bush song on their CDs these days. I hear George is a big fan of Britpop, so I’ll bet he’s starting to get the message.

I saw a lot of movies this weekend, so here come the blurbs….

“Kill Bill” was super-fun, in a Tarantino kind of way. There were enough slow parts that Harvey Weinstein probably should’ve made Q cut it down rather than splitting it in two. (It was a creative decision… right???) P.S. Lucy Liu is the most adorable assassin ever!

“Intolerable Cruelty” is also fun, in a Coen brothers kind of way. The best part of it was some guy I’d never heard of, who played George Clooney’s sidekick. I’ll bet he’ll get a lot of press out of it and probably a sitcom role next season as somebody’s sidekick.

“Mystic River” was really well made, with great performances and a terrific storyline, and the more I think about it, the more I think it stunk. I don’t want to spoil anything, but the movie sets up its dramatic situation so well that it’s easy to go along with it, expecting the resolution will be just as satisfying. You might even be so dazzled by the artistry that you think you’re satisfied by the resolution once it happens. But you’re not. Think about it on the ride home. You were cheated, and cheated bad. Bad Clint Eastwood! Bad!

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