Asking me to sit through anything on TV that lasts two hours is usually a pretty tall order. The last shows to hold my interest that long were “Celebrity Boot Camp” and the “Facts of Life” reunion movie, both of which were so unwatchable that I couldn’t stop watching. (Two hunky guys fighting over Natalie?!? I mean, how can you turn away?) But if USA Network really makes a sequel to “16 Candles” called “32 Candles”, I’ll set my Tivo and green light it to make sure it never gets deleted. Joy oh joy oh joy.

George W. now has a propaganda page blog of his own. So if you want uplifting stories on W’s glowing environmental record or how well the Iraq operation is going, and you’ve already read Fox News, now you have somewhere to go.

On a related note, did you know W has proclaimed it “Marriage Protection Week”? If you didn’t, don’t worry. You still have three days left to protect marriage. But hurry. Marriage depends on your support.

Previous two links courtesy of this guy, who writes a great blog over in Sweden.

Rest easy, kids. Beyonce has God’s permission to be sexy. Whew! I’d hate for God to get in the way of Beyonce’s career or anything. She also says God doesn’t want her to kiss girls. Hmmm… I like to be sexy, and I have no interest in kissing girls. Finally a religion I can get on board with!

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