I thought I’d noticed a sharp spike in the number of hits I’ve gotten lately from people searching for the phrase “naked penis”. In fact, 4 of the last 100 people visiting this site have found me through a Google search of just that phrase. I’m not sure exactly how. I don’t remember writing about a lot of naked penises.

So I decided to check into it. It turns out if you type “naked penis” into Google, Why Jerry Why is the ninth site listed.

If you’re thinking that’s pretty high, if you’re thinking, “I’ll bet you’d get a lot of hits on ‘naked penis’,” you’re right. I’m #9 of 3,710,000. You know what this means?


When I started this website eight months ago, I never dreamed I’d make the Naked Penis Top 10. A humble little website like mine? Why, I’d be happy if one in a thousand people looking for naked penises ended up here at my picture-free, porn-free site. If I were in the Naked Penis Top Million, I’d be flabbergasted. But the Top 10? Wow. I mean, how do you even deal with an honor like that?

Sure, I’m #4 on “‘jerking off’ UCLA”, and I’m even #1 on “misshapen penis”. But the “Naked Penis” Top 10 is an elite group. And I am among them. I’m just two spots below “Hairless Boy Penis Pics”. Just five spots below “Giant Black Penis Giant Cocks and Giant Dicks”. And just eight spots below the leader of them all, “Penis Amulets”.

This entry can only help my standing. I’m number nine with a bullet now.

And I’m not stopping until I get to #1!

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