My favorite magazine as a kid was Dynamite Magazine. I think everyone I admired before the age of 10 was on the cover at one point or another. My favorite section of Dynamite was Bummers, a regular feature that tried to teach the concept of irony to children (Alanis Morrissette was clearly not a Dynamite subscriber) through reader-submitted examples and colorful cartoons. If they picked your Bummer and printed it, they sent you the cool sum of $5.00.

I submitted countless Bummers over the years, but none of mine were ever deemed fit for publication. And I had so many plans for those five bucks…

Today, I thought of a new bummer. Don’t you hate buying a CD on import and then, just a few days after it arrives, finding out it’s being released in the US in two weeks with special Bonus tracks?

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