I had a few problems with my computer at work, and I made the mistake of reporting them to our tech support woman. She did a little clean-up on my hard drive and it looks like all of my personal documents got deleted in the process. Oops.

Most of it consisted of rough drafts of old blog entries — no big loss there, as they’re all backed up online — but I’m still trying to figure out what else I saved in there. Pieces of my abandoned novel maybe? Pictures of loved ones? My unsent fan letter to Maxine Waters? I was smart enough to take anything I really wanted home with me (usually by emailing it to myself)… or was I??? I’m not totally kicking myself now, but I’m afraid someday soon I might be. Right now, it’s the not knowing that’s killing me.

In happier news, Mike has a blog now! It’s still a baby blog, but let’s all encourage him and hope he keeps writing.

And coincidentally, my favorite blog about Mike seems to be updating again.

Guess who else is back? The Pixies! And Tears for Fears! (You can download their new single on iTunes — sorry, can’t get the link to work right now.)

Finally, congrats to two of my blogroll buddies: Francis, for his Bloggy nomination and Ken for being a finalist in not one but two screenplay competitions. To think, I linked them way back when…

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