I hereby resolve:

  • To ignore Jayson Blair and his inevitable upcoming publicity blitz, and not to become furious because other people aren’t.

  • To actually sign a real online petition for once. But not to expect too much from it.

  • To Tivo the Academy Awards and watch them in under an hour. Okay, maybe two. (But I’m definitely skipping over everything Billy Crystal says, and when he does his signature song-and-dance schtick, I’m turning my head and saying, “I can’t hear you I can’t hear you I can’t hear you!”)

  • To use this weekend to do my homework on every single damn race and issue on the ballot, and also to get my taxes done.

  • To update my blogroll.

  • To go back to Pavillions as soon as the supermarket strike is over and give a big smile to all the employees.

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