Some Texans Boycott Girl Scout Cookies

It’s never easy to agree with someone who thinks you’re going to Hell, but for once, these right-wing kooks are right. If you’re giving money to an organization, I think you have a right to know how they’re spending it. And if they’re doing something you don’t believe in, you have a right to withdraw your support from them (and alert other people to what’s going on, if you feel they’d want to know).

To put it in more personal terms, what if I found out that an organization I give lots of money to — say, the United States government — was spending large chunks of that money on things I don’t approve of — like a misguided war and the legitimization of bigotry in the Constitution? Okay, so I’m not going to stop being a U.S. Citizen, but I’m going to write mean things about the president in my blog. You stink, Bush! See what one motivated citizen can do? If Bush ever tries to sell Girl Scout cookies in my neighborhood, he can forget about winning the trip to Disneyland.


ON AN UNRELATED NOTE… You know William Hung has made it now that he’s a pop-up ad. I just got an ad of the Ridiculously Easy and Unfailable Quiz variety, and the question was which song he sang for his audition. As if William Hung mania wasn’t annoying enough already, now the e-jerks are on board…

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