When you woke up this morning, did you feel something blowing? Were you wearing your birthday suit? Was there a strange, tingly sensation tickling you in the back of the neck?

Well, if so, it’s probably because it’s my blog’s birthday, and the winds of change are gusting full force. (I have no idea what’s tickling you, though, so I’d turn around reeeeeeeeal slowly if I were you.)

Every good blog deserves a birthday present, so I decided to give mine a nice little redesign. Well, okay, I can promise that the redesign is “little”, but I’ve still got some work to do before it’s “nice”. I’ve been spending the last few months teaching myself some basic HTML, stealing code from studying the design of blogs I like and tapping away feverishly at my prehistoric copy of FrontPage98, and I’m finally ready to unveil WJW 2.0.

I still have a lot to learn about web design, as you’ll notice from my circa 1992-looking new site. It’s like the step up from a Vic 20 to a Commodore 64, but I hope you’ll be charitable and think of it as “retro”. I’ll continue to make tweaks as I learn more and I have the time, so for now, I consider this my blog’s pubescent stage, which means my blog hit puberty about 18 years faster than I did. Congratulations, Why Jerry Why.

So why not take a look back at my humble beginnings…

… and then head over to my humble new beginning. (There’s a tiny little link that says “enter” at the bottom of the page, just one of many things I still need to fix, and that’s where you’ll find the blog.)

(Please update your bookmarks, yadda yadda. Unless the new site comes crashing down through my ignorance or gross negligence, this is probably the last new message you’ll see here at the blogspot URL.)

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