I really wanted to get my About Me section up in time for April Fool’s Day. Of course, then, it was going to feature “facts” like how I write the bridge column in the local Pennysaver and how I love to knit pictures of Vice Presidents and how I named my 19 cats after the kids from “Fame” and if anyone sees Leroy to please, please, please send him home to me. I even ran google image searches for terms like, “creepy guy” and “smelly freak” and “overly pierced goon” so I’d have a picture to go with it. (And after those searches proved fruitless, I started searching “Ed” and “Joe” and “Frank” instead.)

But I started to feel sorry for the smelly freaks and overly pierced goons and Eds, none of whom put their pictures up on their websites so I could make them my “joke” picture on mine. And, more importantly, I just didn’t have time to finish it.

I can’t promise that my real About Me section will be as interesting, but I can promise that it’s real — mostly.

And before you crack wise about the smelly goon eating the Target cookie, let me assure you it’s really me.

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