Any chance I get to write about Omarosa, I will.

I’ve been getting tons of hits for “Omarosa Herbal Essence” the last few days due to a random coincidence by which two of my recent posts placed those terms in close proximity. And now, finally, I can provide some valuable information on the subject.

According to the NY Post, everyone’s favorite plaster-chunk-battered concussion victim shot a commercial for the fragrant hair product and told the world she was their spokesperson. The world responded with a resounding “Uh-uhhhhhhh!!!!”, bombarding Herbal Essence with letters threatening a boycott. And now it looks like Herbal Essence has dropped the Jessica Simpson-absconding Kwame-thwarter and possibly scrapped their commercials altogether.

Now, how long do you suppose it’ll be before our favorite phone-call-dodging Erica-slanderer calls Herbal Essence racist?

That’s the scoop, and with that, Why Jerry Why remains your #23 source for Omarosa Herbal Essence gossip.

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