You know how our entire calendar is based on an estimate of the birth date of a guy who may or may not have had magic powers bestowed on him by his dad, who may or may not have created the universe?

And how a few years ago we celebrated the anniversary of the day that came one week after what was kind of that guy’s 2,000th birthday, we think? Well, along those lines, I reached an entirely arbitrary milestone of my own this weekend.

At 4:41pm on Saturday, I received my 10,000th visitor to this site since I installed my hit counter several months after I actually began posting here. It may not be my actual 10,000th visitor, but I will always treasure this official 10,000th visitor, whom I like to call “Tenny”. Tenny was guided to this site — as, I suspect, most of you initially were — through a Google search for:

“Ahmad Rashad” “full of himself”

I was pretty sure I had never written anything about Mr. Rashad’s ego, so I checked the link, and sure enough, those phrases were contained in two separate posts. Ahmad was merely mentioned as the “Celebrity Mole” host, and the guy who I called “full of himself” was the Bachelor’s Bob, whom I’m now embarrassed to have written about at all. Had I received this hit after last night’s Tony telecast, I might’ve suspected that Tenny had actually meant to search for “Phylicia Rashad” “full of herself”, but I’ll leave my commentary about Phylicia’s Phylicia-loving speech for another post.

Tenny’s Google search turned up only three hits, and the other two aren’t any more relevant than mine. What can we conclude from this? Well, nowhere on the entire internet do the terms “Ahmad Rashad” and “full of himself” turn up in proximity in any relevant way. Therefore, Ahmad Rashad is probably not full of himself. He’s probably a swell guy. Perhaps he’s the finest, least egocentric soul who has walked this planet, commentated on a sporting event or smoked a cigar in the vicinity of Keshia Knight Pulliam.

I should state that I get hits for crazy things all the time, and I put the craziest ones on my sidebar for all the world to see. I’ve long since accepted that I can’t help everyone who comes here looking for information, but by gum, I can help Tenny.

So come off it, Ahmad, you big egotistical clod. You think you’re so hot, don’t you? Well, Tenny and I know better, so get over yourself!

Thanks, Tenny. And thanks to the rest of you, too.

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