• If you want to know who wins the WB Superstar USA and you don’t want to wait another, oh three hours or so, then check out the soundtrack, released last week. You’ll notice the duet, which is sung by the final two. And could it be that the person who has four songs on the album (compared to everyone else’s 1-2) is the champ? Pretty slick, WB. And foo on you for not including the guy who does “War”. I’m sure he’s relieved that I’ve already forgotten his name, but he’s my hero. I’m glad I have a boyfriend who can expense this kind of crap. (I will NOT cop to paying money for it. I already fessed up to Wilson Phillips. Let me maintain some dignity, please.)
  • Once a year, the law firm where I work shuts down for the afternoon and buys everyone tickets to a movie at the adjacent multiplex. It’s intended as a gesture of staff appreciation. The “staff” in question, which encompasses everyone who works here except the attorneys, basically amounts to middle-aged women and homosexual men (i.e., me). The Big Boss picks the movie we all get to see, and let’s just say he doesn’t quite consider his audience when making his selection. Two years ago, the movie was Mr. Deeds. Last year, it was Anger Management. Scuttlebutt around the office is that he asks his tweenage kids what they want to see, then invites them along and expenses all the tickets so he doesn’t have to pay to take them on his own time. Well, apparently the decision has just been made. This year, so that Big Boss can save $30 and seem, for the briefest of moments, like a good dad, we all get to see… “The Chronicles of Riddick”. Memo to Big Boss: your kids are losers.
  • Happy Flag Day.
  • How do you quiet down a hyperactive five-year-old? 1) Give her a cookie; 2) Have Drew serenade her with an original composition called “There’s a Cookie in the Car”. I swear my boyfriend is an improv version of Raffi.
  • Finally tiring of playing Robbie Williams’ “Mr. Bojangles” over and over to make it #1 on my Top 25 Most Played on iTunes, I’ve moved on to screwing around with Smart Playlists. It’s truly worth the 6 hours I spent rating my entire music library on the 1-5 star scale. Smart playlists are the most spectacular form of artificial intelligence yet created by mankind, and someday soon, I expect to see Will Smith battling them in a movie where they attempt to take over the world.
  • Other Drew, welcome back. And congratulations on your move to the O.C. If the kids end up at a Pimps and Hos party, I’m claiming full credit.
  • Drew and I bought art! And better than that, Woofart! We had seen this guy’s paintings outside his house on Crescent Heights, but now he has his own gallery across from Toast. So after breakfast yesterday, we walked over and ordered up a few of the smallish (read: not nearly as expensive as the ones on the site) prints. “Friends in a Vespa” will look great where my “On the Right Track” movie poster used to be. (Sorry, Gary. I’m moving on. So should you.)
  • Who will go see Sleepover with me? From the trailer, it looks like exactly the kind of movie I would’ve loved when I was a fourteen-year-old girl. Watching a sassy tween heroine beat the bitchy girls at a scavenger hunt and share a closed-mouth kiss with the school hunk in the final reel is my idea of a good time. And they totally sold me with the little car. I missed the boat on New York Minute. I’m not going to let this one slip away. But something tells me it’s not the kind of movie men in their 30’s should go see alone. Any takers?
  • Chrisafer recently coined the term FILF, which immediately became part of my vocabulary. After a screening of Harry Potter, my boyfriend coined the term WILF (where W=”wizard”), which did not. (This from the guy who refuses to see “Sleepover”.)

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