Because I don’t know what to write about and because I’m having “Oh, no, I haven’t posted in three days” panic, here’s a bunch of random stuff:

  • Over a month later, my wisdom teeth are still causing me pain. Yes, the gum-piercing agony may be gone, but this week, I received a bill for an additional $600. (I’d already paid over $300.) I naively thought that the insurance company was going to cover most of the bill, but it turns out they have a yearly maximum. Oops. Who knew? So much for doing it before I left my job in order to take advantage of my insurance policy. You win this round, Delta Dental! (And let this be a cautionary tale to anyone else getting their wisdom teeth out in the near future.)
  • I’ve realized that the problem with me doing blind items is that too often, I’m the one who’s blind. I’m just not good at spotting celebrities — or concluding with any certainty that they are who I think they are. So I can’t say for sure if that was a certain former TV star of a long-running reality show and a short-lived sitcom (and fellow blogger) who’s now working in my gym. (And no, I don’t mean “working out“.)
  • I finished that book in my sidebar last week, but I’m going to leave it up for a while because: a) it’s the best book I’ve read in a long time, and b) I can’t find another good book to read right now. If anything, the book made me realize that I’m borderline autistic myself. I’m good at math, guarded with my emotions, I crave routine, and strangers frighten and intimidate me. Okay, so I don’t deal with stressful situations the way the loveable-but-incapable-of-giving-love narrator does — by curling up in a ball and making dog noises — but only because I never thought of it. My new catch phrase is, “Woof, woof!”
  • I love you, Al Sharpton. You’re funny like him, angry like him, liberal like me and unlike him, you know when to quit.
  • I received a belated approval from Other Drew to post the following picture of last weekend’s White Castle excursion. Personally, I think he’s less interested in endorsing the lame marketing gimmick than in attracting the attention of potential suitors. Yes, he’s single, so send those emails over for your chance to meet a big-shot TV writer! And if you have any doubt about which team he plays for, I’ve called attention to a telling detail in the photo.

Pictured (l-r): Other Drew, Nice Lady, me
Detail: Extremely gay wrist cuff

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