Today was my first day at the new job. After a virtually sleepless night, tossing and turning and thinking, “I’m going to be bad at it” and “Nobody’s going to like me” and “I’m going to hate it” and “It certainly isn’t going to help to show up exhausted because I couldn’t fall asleep” and “I’m going to be bad at it” and “Oh, yeah, I already thought about how bad I’m going to be at it, so why can’t I just stop thinking about that and get to sleep?”, it turned out that it wasn’t that bad, and I didn’t hate it. It really seems like it’s going to be a pretty cool job for the next three months, and I probably lost a lot of sleep over nothing. But that’s what I do.

And then I came home and saw that today was also the highest-traffic day ever for this blog, which was really exciting until I realized that a bunch of people came here looking for “open water spoilers”, which I don’t really have, but I just felt a little guilty for possibly misleading those people. And then I saw that a whole freaking slew of people — probably 90% of today’s hits –came here looking for this, which I don’t have and don’t want. (If that’s what brought you here, you can find it here.) Now, shoo, you pervs! People‘s moms read this blog!

This has plagued me since I first mentioned the controversy about the film a year ago. To this day, I get more hits for people searching for some variation of that than for anything else, and they don’t want my opinion of the psychotic filmmaker. They want pictures and downloads and graphic details. Blog traffic is one thing, but I doubt any of these people are sticking around to read my entry about watching “Dora the Explorer” with my niece. I’ve tried going back and editing my old posts, but the hits still come. Oh, no. I said “come” — that’s only going to bring more of them. Is there any way I can ever cleanse my blog of this junk and the jerks it opens my door to?

Great, something to keep me up all night tonight.

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