Even though I’ve put my foot in my mouth again and again, I keep forgetting that people actually do occasionally read this blog…

hello jerry

I got emailed your post

cracked me up

I emailed it to my cast

please tell me what night you want to come

and I will have a comp waiting for you

(by the way, the only reason joe rogan got in was because he’s in the

cast for october – I wanted him to see the show before he performed in

it – only cast has privileges – no stars)


see ya in hell


Maggie, if it’s not obvious from that email, is one of the producers. I turned down the comp, since I already bought my tickets, but I was glad to have the clarification on Joe Rogan. My apologies to him and HHH for implying he was admitted through un-Christian means.

And I promise never to complain about anything again.

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