Because Other Drew doesn’t have a blog of his own… and because I have nothing else to post today… and because this MUST be seen, the following is an actual email that Other Drew received from Palm technical support.

Not that it matters, but the email inquiry Other Drew sent Palm tech support that invited this response was perfectly normal and polite…

Dear Drew,

Thank you for contacting palmOne™ Technical Support. My name is Leah, I will be assisting you with regards to your inquiry.

With regards to the issue with your handheld, you may eat it and fuck off, you ratass. Hahaha!

Oops…are you offended by my reply, you moron? I DARE YOU, go to the Better Business Bureau, to the media, to your lawyer, you silly loser…tsk…tsk..tsk!!!

We hope this issue has been resolved to your satisfaction. A Customer Satisfaction Survey will be emailed to you very shortly. Please take time to provide us with your feedback about this support experience as it will help us in our on-going effort to continually improve our services.

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again. You can also find troubleshooting articles and frequently asked questions at:

To learn more about palmOne handhelds, please visit our support web site at:

Thank you for choosing palmOne.



palmOne Technical Support

I mean, can you believe that? “On-going” does not need to be hyphenated. Nothing bothers me more than a poorly-punctuated email.

Also, Other Drew is not a ratass.

After phoning Palm and requesting an alternative solution to the problem with his Palm than eating it (which most likely wouldn’t have helped), Other Drew received an apology and was told that the matter had been dealt with.

I’m guessing Leah no longer works there.

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