Well, last week the new season of the Apprentice began, and tonight it’s the new Survivor. It’s the perfect time to revive the reality show guessing segment of my sidebar, but I’ve decided not to, because I’m bad at keeping up with the sidebar and don’t want to fall behind, and because there are other places out there where you can get better predictions for these kinds of things and, mostly, because I’m almost always wrong. (Remember when I predicted Rumsfeld’s resignation? If only, Jerry, if only…) So my record of 22/55 will stand forever.

However, I will say this in terms of predictions: there’s no way the guy with one foot is going to get voted out first.

And instead of Guess, Jerry, Guess, I now present a new feature called “That’s my jam!” What’s my jam? Well, maybe a word or phrase I like, maybe my favorite ice cream flavor, maybe a new friend. My jam is my jam. I can’t control it. Right now, my jam is “ratass”.

Also, in response to a request, I’m adding a link to my latest LAist post. Since I don’t actually post them myself and won’t know the permalinks right away, I can pretty much guarantee I won’t be able keep on top of this, but as Bart Simpson said, I’ll try to try.

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