I’m glad the famous East Coast-West Coast rivalry doesn’t extend to bloggers, because my boy Drew and I had a hella-good time (okay, I promise I’ll stop with the lame street slang now) last week with visiting DC-dwelling blogging superstar Chrisafer and his linkless loverboy Glenn. I’d only tried the “I like your blog so much I want to meet you” thing once before, and that ended in a friendship with text blog veteran/photoblog newbie Paul and his main man, Toby. Paul had turned out to be everything I imagined he would be, so I had no reason to be nervous to meet another blogger. Still, I was, because I’m always nervous to meet anyone. What if Chris and Glenn were total jerks? Or, more likely, what if they thought I was a jerk? Thankfully, Paul and Toby were coming along, too, so no matter what, Drew and I were guaranteed a good time.

Well, C&G weren’t jerks, quite the opposite. Chris is everything you’d expect from reading his blog — funny, charming and extensively knowledgeable about all things pop culture. Glenn was all of those things, too, (mad props for the obscure Simpsons reference, G), though he seemed slightly confused by the blogging connection that drew us all together. (Very amusing.) The six of us had a great dinner, and we locals did our best to suggest some sights for our guests to see on the rest of their trip.

It probably would’ve ended there, but, Drew and I being the total attention hogs that we are, we invited the guys out for another night on the town. Thankfully, they accepted. And over more than a few drinks at some local WeHo hotspots, we got to know them a lot better, just enough to be really, really sad when the night ended and we had to say goodbye. Okay, fine, so it helped that by that point, I barely knew where I was anymore, but when I woke up the next morning, my head was pounding, and I was bummed because our new friends were going home, 3,000 miles away.

Thankfully, now that we’re 2 for 2 on blogger meetups, there are other supercool local bloggers to meet! See you soon, Karen!

Finally, a happy belated birthday (see, I told you I’d forget) to my always hilarious, amazingly prolific, and often naked (if his stage credits are any indication, at least) blog buddy Hot Toddy, who will always be older than me and for that reason and all those listed above, he will always have a place in my heart and on my blogroll. Maybe someday he’ll visit, too.

As for those other guys, Chris and Glenn were lucky enough to have had a few celebrity sightings while they were in town, and I think they were excited to tell all their friends back home about their brushes with greatness.

I know just how they feel.

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