Curse you, Blogger! I just tried to republish and somehow a big chunk of my template disappeared completely, including my entire right-hand sidebar.

Well, it’ll be back… in some form… when I have the time to rebuild it.

Until then, farewell “Harmony Korine Impersonators“…

Update: I figured out a (sort-of) solution to the problem. Because I remain the #1 source of information for impersonators of the director of Gummo and Julien Donkey-Boy and because I remembered that googled phrase being a part of my old template, I simply re-googled it and viewed a cached version of the page, then viewed the source code and pasted it back into my template. What that created is a somewhat older version of this page, but if that’s what I have to settle for, then so be it.

I say this not because it is interesting to anyone other than me, but because, gosh darn it, I’m proud of myself.

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