It was six days after the Super Bowl. We had both set our Tivos so we could skip the game and watch the commercials.

It was two years ago today. It was after countless wonderful emails and hilarious IM chats and probably the most awkward phone call in the history of the world.

It was the day my best friend in Los Angeles was moving away. And it was also the day I met the best friend I’ve ever had.

We talked TV, we talked music, and we talked Kids, Inc., which is about both TV and music in a way. Oh, yeah, and we bought joysticks.

He thought I wasn’t interested in him because I didn’t want to see “The Two Towers” with him after lunch. But I didn’t want to ruin what had been a perfect date. And, yeah, I just really didn’t want to sit through that movie.

That night I went to a going away party, and I told all my friends that I was in love. I don’t think they believed me then. But now, they do.

Happy anniversary, Drew.

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