It’s nice…

  • To have no lines at the polling place.
  • To know that no matter what the results are, you’ll sleep well tonight.
  • To mark your ballot in under a minute and get back home to see the cover of the new Harry Potter book revealed on the “Today Show”.
  • To have an election that doesn’t really matter.
  • To have an election that isn’t about good vs. evil.
  • To use the “eenie, meenie, miney, moe” system for all those silly little local races full of people you’ve never heard of and which nobody gives endorsements for.
  • To make peace with the flaws of inkavote and the incompetence of the polling place workers. If they don’t count my ballot… eh!

Today, at last, I feel like a true American.

Somebody wake me when Gary Coleman’s running for something again.

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