This blog as you know it may just be over.

No, I’m not giving up or relocating my cyberhome like poor, unfortunate Drew. I’ve just got something new to write about, and I fear that it will infest my blog as much as it will infest my life over the next few months. It’s good news — great news — that will simultaneously make me very happy, very stressed and extremely boring.

Drew and I are buying a condo.

It’s not the biggest or the prettiest condo in Los Angeles, it’s thankfully not the most expensive, but darn it, it’s ours. I don’t have any pictures of it yet, but here’s a picture of Drew signing the contract at Quizno’s:

That picture was taken three weeks ago. Two days after it was taken, Drew and I found out we had been outbid. We were heartbroken. Out of desperation, we put in a backup offer in case the buyer changed his mind. Then we spent three weeks looking at other condos, none of which were as nice or as big or as cheap or nearly as close to Fatburger. We got very, very discouraged.

Well, desperation paid off. My advice for you: always put in a backup offer.

Sure, there’s still a chance our inspection will turn up whatever the other guy’s did and we’ll end up backing out, too, but unless and until that happens, this place is ours.

Expect fascinating stories about inspectors and appraisers, the thrill of selecting new flooring and light fixtures, the exhilaration of painting and the gripping edge-of-your-seat excitement of finding great places to buy cheap furniture.

I’m warning you: get out now. I’m too far gone already. Save yourself before it’s too late.

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