This might be exciting only to Drew and me, but everyone else has done such a good job about pretending to be excited about this stuff that I figured I’d post a couple of pictures of the new condo.

I’m starting off today with pics of my two favorite rooms in the place.

First, my second-favorite room, the bigger of the two ginormous closets. And trust me, it’s much bigger than it looks. I just don’t have the super-duper-wide-angle lens I’d need to capture its full glory.

Our current apartment has so little storage space that I still have boxes from when I moved in sitting unopened against the wall in the second bedroom. If you’d shown me just the closets and nothing else, I would’ve been ready to buy the condo just based on that. I always thought when I bought a home, I’d be obsessed with how I’d decorate it, but to be honest, now that it’s happening, I’ve been thinking more about all the things I’m going to be able to stow away.

Then, my absolute favorite room. It’s not quite as big as the closet, but it makes me even happier.

I’m very intrigued by this room, though I admit I’m a bit confused by it. I haven’t seen a room like this in a home for a long time. Could someone please remind me what it’s used for?

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