For about five years now, and in two different apartments, I’ve had the above poster from “The Graduate” hanging up in my bathroom. I probably use my bathroom at home an average of five times a day, so if you do the math, that means I’ve seen that poster about 9,125 times, or roughly about half as many times as I’ve seen the movie itself.

But it wasn’t until this weekend, when I hung the poster in the new condo and saw it for the first time on the wall of my new bathroom that I spotted something I’d never seen before. Notice the shadow cast by the candle on the wall…

No, I’m not just the victim of my own dirty mind. Look closer and you’ll see the shadow doesn’t match the shape of the candles themselves. Very subtle, United Artists marketing department circa 1967. Very subtle…

And before you suggest I got stuck with a copy doctored by some merry prankster, here’s a poster shop where you can buy a copy just like mine for yourself.

A discovery like that can make a guy feel like a real private dick.

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