Gonna Dress You Up

Just read this excellent post at Rage Against the Minivan about little girls and bikinis.  One thing that strikes me most about having a son and a daughter the same age is how differently clothes are made and marketed to them.

Boys’ t-shirts are all about sports, trucks and dinosaurs.  Pants are cargo shorts, jeans and sweatpants.  It’s not hard to find lots of cute stuff to dress Bennett in, and for the most part, he dresses like a miniature version of me.

Girls’ clothes can be summed up in one word: slutty.  I know that makes me sound like some ranting conservative loudmouth on the Jenny Jones show, but I don’t care.  Everything is pink, purple or neon, with sparkles and glitter caked on top of airbrushed unicorns, princesses and butterflies.  Dresses are low cut, and shorts and skirts barely cover her butt (which is doubly ridiculous because all it does is let her diaper show through).

It’s as if everyone else in the world saw Jon-Benet Ramsey and thought, “Yes, that’s how little girls should look.”  I thought we were on the same page, parents!  Let them be little girls for a while.  And for as long as they want to, for that matter.  Do I have to encourage my daughter to be a Charlie’s Angel?  What if she wants to be Hillary Clinton?  Where are the adorable toddler power suits?

I’ll take 10 of those.

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