Modern Family Vs My Family

I have a post called “Modern Family vs. My Family” on AfterElton today.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

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6 comments on “Modern Family Vs My Family

  1. Nice blog Jerry! As an avid watcher of MF, and a huge fan of Cam’s antics, its amazing to see how similar real-life gay couples are. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    -Liam 🙂

  2. hi i just wanted to say that i check ur blog everyday but i never left a comment so just wanted to say ur blog is awesome .ur fan from iran

  3. I was just really struck by your comments on the M-word in this post. Specifically in relation to the library. I am a mom, with two boys, and a stay at home husband. And my husband gets kudos, but he also gets lots of strange looks (we do live in the mid-atlantic). And I actually worry that there are not enough positive representations in our culture of men being dads in many different ways. One book that my mother gave me when our boys were young, I really like, perhaps you have seen: I love my Daddy Because – – Anyways – thanks for the interesting post. It gives me hope for my sons that they are growing up in a world in which there are lots of ways of being…

  4. As with all your posts, I loved this one too. I especially connected to the part about public affection. When out in public, affection is a personal choice and should not be dictated by how others might feel. (That being said, I have thought to use the term “get a room” to the occasional over the top public display of affection…..) My son is a very affectionate person, my daugher, not so much – it will be interesting to see how they go forward in their lives in this arena.

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