N.Y. F.A.Q.

If you ask the kids where we’re moving, they’ll say, “New Ork”, but I’m not sure they know what “moving” means.

I’ve told them we won’t live in our condo anymore.  We’re going to have a house with a backyard where they can play – but not right away, because it’ll be cold in New Ork. Daddy doesn’t like it when it’s cold, but it does mean we can go ice skating, like Snoopy does in the Charlie Brown Christmas special.

They talk a lot about the ice skating.

When they have questions, they’re usually about what’s coming with us on the move and what isn’t.

“Is Daddy coming to New Ork?”  “Of course.  We don’t go anywhere without Daddy.”

“What about Daddy?”  “Me, too.”

“Is Harper coming to New Ork?” “No, Harper’s going to stay here with her Mommy and Daddy.”

“Is the chair coming to New Ork?”  “Yes.”

“Are the balloons coming to New Ork?”  “No, but we’ll get new balloons.”

“Can we watch the Muppet Show in New Ork?”  “Yes, we can.”

“When we get there, can we eat Dunkin’ Donuts every day?”

OK, that last one was from me. I have my own priorities.

19 comments on “N.Y. F.A.Q.

  1. We move a LOT, we’re Army. Let me tell you, be prepared for weird things to happen! Kids have their very own way of dealing with the move and the stress that comes with it. My big one (4) was biting his nails for almost 2 months and then just stopped. There will be quite a number of tantrums too.
    But moves are fun too. You get to eat pizza from the box, sitting on the floor, you get to watch a few more movies, because boxes need to be unpacked and, there’s family around 🙂
    I wish you all the best on the move, we just did the same move (D.C to Ft Irwin) 2 months ago and we drove it. It’s gonna be fun 🙂

    • Thanks for the heads up. I hope the move doesn’t stress the kids out too much. We’re doing what we can to prepare them, but I know they won’t possibly have a full understanding of what’s happening even as it’s happening. But pizza from the box sounds like fun!

  2. We recently moved, so I can relate to all the questions you are getting. My 4 year old daughter was really concerned about whether her bed, rug, lamp, and the rest of her furniture would move with us. When we took her to see a couple of houses, she thought the things in those houses would be staying. Her favorite house was one where a girl’s bike was in the drive way. Best wishes in your move to the East Coast.

    • That story about the bike is adorable. I love it! I think Santa may swing by our new house and leave tricycles for the kids in the playroom so they see them when they first walk in. Nothing like a little bribery to win them over on the new place.

  3. You guys are both “Daddy”? Mike and I are both “Daddy,” too. Neither of us was comfortable with any other dad names, but we’ve gotten some weird reactions from people about both having the same dad name. Our girls seem to have no trouble knowing which is which. 😉

    • Yeah, I know a lot of gay dads do Daddy and Papa, but neither of us wanted to be Papa. We both grew up with dads, and that’s what we wanted to be. So far, there’s been very little confusion. They know and we know who we’re talking about 99% of the time. Just recently, Sutton started saying “Other Daddy” when she wants to be more specific.

  4. Welcome back to the East Coast! I lived in California before and then moved to the Northeast. I first hated it since I hated the weather (spoiled by the CA sun) but now I love it 🙂

    Good luck with your move!

    • I definitely feel spoiled by the sun, and I’m bummed that we have to go at the coldest time of the year. But then I think about taking the kids sledding and how fun it is to watch the snow fall through the window and I realize it might be kind of nice, too.

      • I feel like living in the East Coast really teaches you how to appreciate the change in season. Given that I used to live in the tropics, thats saying something 🙂 No one in CA goes “Wow, what a nice day today” because *everyday* is nice weather.

      • I actually ran into a woman yesterday (still in LA) who said, “Brr! It’s so cold out!” I almost went off on a rant about how one 50 degree evening does not constitute “cold”, but I resisted. Pretty soon, I’ll be looking forward to those 50 degree days.

  5. Jerry I wish you and your partner along with the children the best of luck in your new surroundings. I know you will be happy to be close to “home”. Hope the move is uneventful.

  6. Dunkin’ Donuts is definitely a nonnegotiable (unless you have four siblings who leave you the glazed and crullers after taking the chocolate filled and Boston cremes >.< )

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