My Little Mermaid

“Sutton, where did you put that toothbrush you were holding?”

“Under the sea.”

“What do you mean ‘Under the sea’…?”

(singing) “Wandering free… I want to be… part of your wooooooooorld!”

… and with that, I realized we’d have to childproof our new house after all.

(Side note: while I was typing this, Sutton locked herself in the bathroom.  It took 10 minutes to get her out.)

16 comments on “My Little Mermaid

  1. The Little Mermaid has always been my absolute favourite. 🙂
    That is too cute. And funny.
    Every time I read stories like this one, I wonder what my (unborn) children will get into. What will make me laugh, and what will make me count to ten.

  2. Awww, so cute!
    I get these moments all the time now when the little monster comes up with something new, eternally adorable but utterly annoying. And proudly announces: Look, Mommy…!
    Just a question: How do you childproof a toilet bowl? Or the bathroom door, for that matter?

    • We used to have toilet locks in our old place. It held the lid closed, and in order to unlock it, you had to press two tabs at once, something toddlers don’t have the dexterity to do. Unfortunately, neither do some adults – so it frustrated a lot of our houseguests. 🙂

      As for the door, you can get a plastic cover that goes over the doorknob to make it tricky for kids to open. Again, though, frustrating for adults, too.

  3. Ha ha, every time I remove a piece of baby-proofing from my home, my sons (nearly 4 and nearly 6) show me what a fool I was for thinking they were ready. (“Ok, I’ll put the Christmas tree in the living room this year.” CRASH!)

    • 4 and 6? Yikes, not encouraging. I really thought we might be done with babyproofing at 2. Ha ha ha! Well, at least they’re not strong enough to knock over the Christmas tree yet. Then again, we can’t have any ornaments, because those just get taken down as soon as they go oup.

  4. Always make sure to keep craft scissors out of reach – my daughter gave herself a nifty haircut in about 30 seconds.

    My neighbour’s child locked herself in the bathroom once around 2 years old. We tried a lot of things to get her out, but eventually had to call the fire department, ensuring they knew that it wasn’t an emergency. They showed us a really simple way to pick the lock (a bobby pin) but strongly recommended taking the lock off!

    • I tried sticking a bobby pin-like device into the door lock, but I couldn’t get it open. I’d like to take the lock off, but I worry what will happen when we have houseguests. I can’t guarantee that our kids won’t just barge in on them while they’re using the facilities. That could be very uncomfortable! 🙂

  5. Hahaha! I love that song 😉 used to sing it a lot when I had singing lessons. Such a funny respons from Sutton! And just wait till she’s 15,then it will take an hour to get her out of that bathroom;) …unless she’s like me,not spending half a century on a bathroom – that person in my family actually used to be my brother,haha.

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