Ahead of Her Time

“Daddy, I’m done with time out!”

“No.  Time out isn’t over until the timer beeps.”

“Beep!  (brief pause) Daddy, it beeped!”

“No it didn’t.  That was you.”


“Sutton, I can tell the difference between the timer beeping and you saying ‘beep’.”

“Beep… beep… beep!”

(I leave the room to laugh.  Two minutes later, an actual beep sounds…)

“Honey, why did I put you in a time out?”

“Because I ran away when you told me to come inside.”

“Yes, but–”

“But you love me and you forgive me, just don’t do it again!”

“You left out the part where I tell you to say you’re sorry.”

“I’m sorry!”

“OK, go play.”

Note: She’s not quite 2 1/2 years old yet.

15 comments on “Ahead of Her Time

  1. you guys are in for a whole mess of trouble! And I mean that in the most positive way. I love a girl that can think for herself and articulate her view of the world so well – and at not yet 2 1/2 – I envy the adventures ahead for you!

    Thanks for sharing (and bringing back some memories along the way!)

  2. Hahaha, I have to ‘leave the room to laugh’ all the time. How the heck do they know where one’s tickly spot is! My little monster isn’t quite as verbal yet but when I tell him off, I always get the repetition of the last word “…promise!” “…be good!” “…okay!” with fervent nodding for emphasis. Makes me crack up every time.
    I read that the first step to good behaviour is to know right from wrong (which Sutton obviously does). The acting on it will follow soon. Hopefully. Until then, enjoy all the laughs you can get.

    • Ha, glad to hear other people have the same problem. It’s really hard to follow through on the punishment when they’re so darn cute, isn’t it? I almost want to reward the cleverness of saying “Beep”. I have to admire that kind of wily gumption.

  3. Love her, she is a genius, just like you, I was kinda jealous of that when we were growing up, you know, how smart you were. But now I love you for your genius and your TERRIFIC parenting! Keep up the great work!

  4. That is exactly why its difficult to parent at times. When they’re cute and they know it….I remember that age….they only get better at it. However, they do make every age fun in so many different ways!

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