Meet Sutton’s Dolls

Sutton likes to  name her dolls.  Here are a few of her favorites:





“Bennett” (because he’s a boy)


… and the new one.

This time, she let me in on the naming process.

“Daddy, what’s her name?”

“You can name her whatever you want.”

“Daddy, please can you name her?”

“OK.  I think she looks like an Angelica.”


“No?  You don’t like that name?”


“OK.  How about Sylvia?”






“I’ve got it, Honey.  Why don’t we name her Sutton?”

“Daddy, no!!!”

“What?  Why not?”

I’m Sutton!”

24 comments on “Meet Sutton’s Dolls

  1. I will be fascinated to hear what that doll ends up being called. My bet? “Sutton.” It will just take her an extra hour to come to that decision.

  2. Why is the pink hippo a boy? I guess there really is no logic to kids’ imagination. Just lean back and enjoy the ride. Oh, and try not to drink something when your little ones are about to say something. It’s a surefire thing to douse yourself and your surroundings with whatever you were about to swallow.

    • Yeah, the pink boy hippo was a shocker, especially since she so identifies pink with girls. (We don’t know where that came from either – we certainly didn’t encourage it.) Thanks for the tip – I learned that one the hard way. 🙂

  3. Kid-logic is an awesome thing. The things they say, the way they think is mind-blowing. I’m glad she gave you a chance to participate (even if it was a token chance.) I miss those days…the ones when I used to name things, and the ones when my kids used to name things.

    My almost-21 year-old still has a T-Rex puppet from Jurassic Park 2 on his bed; he was six when he got it and, with much ceremony, named it Chomper. Last summer he was looking for a long-lost stuffed toy (a ladybug) he’d named Boodlebeegle. At least he’s given up on his idea of naming my future grandchildren Winnie and Dopey…it took some persuading, though. 🙂

    Please let us know what Sutton ends up naming her doll…you never know, she might go with something else. Her reaction made me think of The Little Prince: Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them.

    • Seriously – having kids has kind of made me want to get a degree in child psychology. Then again, I feel like I’ve earned an honorary one already. I love the T-rex named Chomper. We always thought she’d start naming her dolls other names once she made some friends and learned some more names. But nope, they’re all still Sutton. Can’t blame her for being uncreative, though. She has a lovey blanket that’s a bunny, and we’ve always just called her Mrs. Bunny. Guess she gets it from us. 🙂

      • By the time they’re teenagers you won’t want the degree in child psychology, but you’ll wish you could read hieroglyphs and understand every single interpretive dance move Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham ever concocted.

        Sutton has a very strong sense of self and that’s why she’s naming all the dolls after herself. That is good. I have a cousin who was like that when she was little and, quite frankly, I’ve never met anyone more self-assured (in a nice way) or loving towards others.

        As for Chomper: the day the “kids” came back from watching Toy Story 3 there was a heartfelt slow-motion running-towards-Chomper scene that was quite cute to watch…especially since the dude involved had hair curly hair down to his shoulders, a goatee, a rather large tattoo on one arm and two earrings on one ear. 😀

        The good thing, my dear friend, is that you’re documenting everything and someday you’ll get to see Sutton rolling her eyes in mock mortification…down the road those are the moments one lives for! All I have to whisper is “Thomas the Tank Engine underoos…” Ah, the joys of parenthood!!!!

  4. So funny Jerry!!!! All daisy’s babies are called “Pink” – the boy baby she completely ignores, saying, ” that’s not my baby”!!! 🙂 xxxx

  5. We have literally hundreds of stuff animals and all of them have names. All but 3 of them live in Rubbermaid buckets in the basement (my children are young adults after all). I wish I could find the list my son made of all of the names – we’ll need that when we resurrect all the “stuffies” for my grandchildren!

    Thanks for another wonderful and engaging story that sparked many memories!

  6. Hello,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, and I just got gifted a chance to pass on the Versatile Blogger Award……. it’s now yours!

    (I’m not really sure being voted by just me is worth much, but hey, it’s a reader, and I’ve given you a plug on my blog:

    Congrats 🙂

    And thanks for a great blog to read!

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  8. Haha! Her naming process reminds of what I used to do!
    My grandma gave me a baby doll when I was young and I named her “Baby Doll”.
    My Mom would often pass this big statue of a cow when we ran errands.
    When she asked what its name was I told her it was “Cow”.

    Ahhh, to be a kid again.
    If for nothing else than to have the bills addressed to someone else!

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